Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Found some new spots

Reasonable effort

Kool toy gun

1920 Penny

My new Lesche Digging tool!

Works very well

Saturday, 26 March 2011

So heres all the finds over the last month and a bit

So heres all the finds over the last month and a bit

Junk Rings

Old NZ coins

Random Foreign stuff

Another go

Had a go at a new park Ive never been to and another I go to regularly this morning.
Weathers a bit wet  though! Does anyone else with a f2 have issues in wet ground? Have to turn sensitvity right down otherwise it gives heaps of false signals...
Just a fake ring :(
Still havent found a decent one!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Todays effort

Few more coins, lots and lots of 1c and 2c....
Few pennys
And enough fishing sinkers to start a shop...

1st Post

Hello all
I have started this blog to show off my finds.
I live in Whangarei New Zealand and I have a Fisher F2 with Fisher pinpointer ( not very good !)
Had the detector for a month now and am slowly getting used to it.
Total useable coins found is over $130 now.
Found two rings, both junk :(
Thinking of getting a Pro Pointer to speed up recovery!
The beast!

Best coin haul in one day, two hours work.

Thinking of getting a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for the missus, anyone know if they are ok as a basic detector?