Friday, 2 September 2011

English Sixpence day

Only found one English sixpence prior to today. Today I got 3, 1899, 1906.1912 :)
Also my second half crown! Which amazed the kids following me then they wouldn't leave.... so I did.
Oh well will be back there tomorrow morning when they wont be there.

Does anyone know what these are? I have found two others the same, seem to be lead? And have letters in them I can't make sense of.


  1. Great finds! :) Ive got a few half crowns in coin albums that i've had for years, but im hoping to dig one up myself sometime :)

  2. You certainly have some good places to hunt up there JH. Good luck with more silver today. I have one of those lead pellets too but not quite as well formed as yours. No idea what they are though.

  3. Well done on the silver,especially the 1/2 crown. The lead bits are seals, they used to seal all sorts of things with them from post office and bank bags to electricity meters.

  4. Yes, I thought they were familiar - I remember those seals on old meters.

    Great finds and I hope the Deputy Sheriff didn't run you off the park blowing his whistle.... :)