Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lake Hunt

Had my 1st go at detecting in the water, Going to need to get a sand scoop on a pole, was getting the kind GF to dig with a hand scoop, was fun though.
Few finds, some where from the beach part
Many many many bottle caps and pull tabs here....still no gold.... where is it hiding

Only issue I had with the AT pro is that when I went to collapse the shaft later to fit it in the boot you could not move it, sand had got into the shaft and seized it up, Had to spend a bit of time at home to get it free, put a little grease on the shaft, dunno if that will help, might just make the sand stick to it more....


  1. When funds allowed I got one of these: And find it fantastic on the beaches (have to allow for a handle and western union transfer fees on top of price).

    Saw a post on a forum today where somebody put O rings on the shaft which slide down and jam up under the cam lock to keep out sand - should work. I've used Teflon spray on mine since it dries hard.

    Hope you weren't detecting in chest deep water when the GF was digging your targets! "Glug,glug were is it? Glug glug..." :)

  2. Haha it wasn't that deep, but I did have her dig a massive hole for a mystery object! Gave up in the end, no idea what it was, was reading in the 80-90s and seemed large, I didn't seem to be the cam lock that was seized, sand was right inside between the plastic shaft and the alloy one jamming them together, I think the sand went in all the holes along the alloy shaft. Had a good time anyway :D

  3. Could have been a Chinese coin - in China.... :)

    If suspect, lift the coil 10" to a foot above the ground - if the target still registers strongly then it will be a buried can or similar. Coins & jewellery loose tone when the coil is 6" or so in the air. Then again it could be a purse full of sovereigns....!

  4. The golds still hiding from me down here in Canterbury too! Maybe tomorrow ;) HH !

  5. Pretty good haul for a first water hunt without a scoop. My GF insists on doing the digging when we hunt together, and boy do I get a dirty look when its a bottle top or a ring pull instead of a coin or jewellery! She loves the glint of gold and silver as much as me........