Thursday, 25 August 2011

First full day hunting with AT Pro

Still learning I think lol, missed the jewellery if it was there....
Very tired and sore now! Garked a couple of the silvers :( Needa be more carefull.
15 Silvers in a day is a record for me.


  1. You would be sore! And great what a great score on the silvers!

    The AT hits hard on rings - very hard. You will know when the coil passes over one as it is a very very clear clean tone.

  2. What a fabulous result for the day.
    Looks like it was all park finds.
    15 silvers is 6 more than I have found since November so I think I need new territory.

  3. Way to go! Great first outing with the AT. Looks like you are going to be busy.

  4. Awesome days finds. Put my 1st full day of hunting with my AT Pro to shame - lol ! !