Friday, 26 August 2011

Less time hunting today

Still a bit sore from yesterday.
Got a bit in though.

Couple of random things, I think that button is a NZ armed forces one, And I cant make out what the ship pendant thing says, Any non destructive ideas to clean it?


  1. Found an example of the pendant
    Pretty cool find!

  2. Neat finds. You're right about the button - it is the same as the one I got the other day. Could be NZ Forces or NZ Volunteers on it.

    I would try hot peroxide to clean the pendant. 3% hydrogen peroxide from the chemist just covering it in a small plastic container. Put in a cup of boiling water and weigh the container down so it doesn't float. Soak for 15min then clean with soft cloth or brush and repeat until clean. It shouldn't destroy the patina but will remove the dirt and any bad corrosion. Colour will probably darken. Seal with some sort of paraffin or bees type wax afterwards (or rub with oil).

  3. Is it made from copper of the keel of a ship? or am I reading that all wrong?

  4. More silvers than pennys, strange.. I've just been getting pennys.. pennys everywhere..