Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello AT Pro!

 It arrived! Assembled while at work, headed out for a 45min hunt and 1st dug signal was a $1 coin!
Very happy with the Pro mode audio, dug more coins than items of rubbish in that short hunt.
Noticed the machine is unaffected by electrical fields from power cables etc which the F2 simply could not operate anywhere near. Still got a lot of learning to do! What a lot of interesting noises to learn


  1. Exciting...I feel the at pro is a bit special for the price... probably the best power to price ratio at the moment.. and it will be good to detect in the rain with no worrying.

  2. You'll love it. And you got the waterproof headphones - I still haven't got any for mine.

    If you want any help in learning it, just drop me a line. Go Pro!!!

  3. Great stuff, it will be a steep learning curve after the F2, but well worth it.
    Looking forward to seeing your finds.

  4. They sure are a good deal at the moment,all the best for future hunts

  5. Hi Brett,

    Im Tibor. We have been watching your blog for a long time, and we are amazed by your findings. Your blog makes me and my wife to buy the exact same detectorlike you did this AT Gold. It's on it's way to Auckland. My question is do we have to pay customs when it arrives to NZ? If yes how much should we pay for it? Thanks, Tibor and Nora